What is SEO? The 2021 SEO Tutorial for Complete Beginners

Today, I’m going to answer the super high-level question what is SEO? We’re going to highlight some of the most important best practices and pieces of SEO advice to help you get started today.

What is SEO

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If you’re brand new to SEO, or if you’ve done a little bit of it before in the past but you are missing a few pieces here and there, then this is the blog post for you.

Read till the end because I’m going to go through the exact mental model you need to be successful in search engine optimization.

I’ve been doing SEO for almost 10 years and I’m excited to take you through the entire process, so let’s get going.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is, very simply, the act of acquiring traffic from search engines to any of the digital assets that you own.

Most commonly the asset is your website, but I’m going to talk about a couple of other digital assets that you can drive traffic to as well.

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If I only had 30 seconds to tell you how SEO works, I would tell you it’s these three things:

  1. Document relevancy: all the stuff we do on our pages to make them more relevant for users and search engines.
  2. Increasing authority: all the things we do outside of our page in order to let search engines know we’re trustworthy and useful to users.
    Things like links, views, sales, favorites. We’ll talk a little bit more about those—they’re kind of dependent on the platform.
  3. Technical optimization: all the behind-the-scenes engineering that SEO pros do to make it easier for search engines to find a website.

What is SEO not?

There are a lot of misconceptions out there so I always like to also touch a bit on what search engine optimization is NOT.

  • SEO is not paying for traffic. This type of strategy is consider(ed) “black hat” today and it is highly recommend(ed) to not follow it in any way.
    You might read or hear about “paid traffic”, as opposed to organic search traffic—but in that situation, paid traffic refers to traffic that has been attracted through non-organic methods—such as PPC (Pay-per-Click) advertising, for example.
  • SEO is not a scam. It’s is not shady or against Google’s terms of service. SEO is completely acceptable and normal if done in a “white hat” way. Lots of companies rely and depend on it. SEO works.
  • More to know: search engine optimization is not that fast. A lot of people jump into this the wrong way—they expect to see SEO results right away and that’s usually not the case.
  • SEO is not just for Google anymore. There’s a number of different platforms that you should be doing Search Engine Optimization on, depending on your business.
  • And, most importantly, SEO is not that hard. Actually, my favorite aspect of Search Engine Optimization is that once you understand it, it’s really not that difficult.

More to Guide you on SEO

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2019 is here, better still you and I need more to do about search engine Optimization. As we should know, the recent Google Update gave birth to some Site down on traffic Organically. Well, having a target and more to say we all should always be ready to tackle the situation like this at any point in time.

Meanwhile, our researchers are really doing very good too Know why and more from our 2019 SEO consultations. we still show them the reasons to always be at alert and never to follow up one style of right for it may fail you in the long run.

However, an Effective Post with the Total procedure which SEO needs must be the target you should always focus on. I have a question for you…

Are you an Effective Blogger or Content Writer? … Dear, I tell you this; no one is the permanent master of Web(SEO). Without, daily researches you may fall apart from the upstairs which you think you are right now.

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We still have more to tell you but for now get read the page, again and again, to ping us with your Questions with the comment box below for proper solutions.

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