Swatch and Mastercard on-the-go with Wrist mobile payments system

It’s not just your smartwatch or phone that can be in use for mobile payments, now your special Swatch watch can be too, with the continuous launch of its Swatchpay (which the company stylizes as SwatchPAY!, complete with exclamation mark) technology.

Swatch and Mastercard

Swatch and Mastercard on-the-go with Wrist mobile payments

Working with Mastercard, Swatchpay launches today in Switzerland, and not just for credit cardholders but for debit cards and prepaid cards too. Swatchpay first launched in China in 2017 when it was compatible with only a selection of credit cards.

If you’re familiar with Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay, Swatchpay works in a very similar way, but it’s a big step forward for devices that don’t have a data connection. Swatch and Mastercard have signed agreements with various Swiss banks — Swisscard, UBS, Viseca, Cembra Money Bank, Cornèrcard, and Swiss Bankers — to enable tokenization on a passive wearable device. Until now, tokenization has been used on connected smartwatches like the Apple Watch and the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Tokenization is crucial for security as it keeps the card number and account information private, and instead uses a different number — the token — that’s unique to the device itself, to complete transactions. Payments are made in the same way as any other smartwatch, or contactless card. You wave the Swatch watch over the payment terminal and an NFC chip behind the watch face takes care of everything. Remember, the Swatch watch doesn’t have a Bluetooth connection and isn’t directly on link to an app, so you don’t need your phone.


What about the watches? Mastercard says there are four new Swatch watches with Swatchpay technology, but details of which models have not been shared yet. In China, there are currently eight different models available, covering various styles and designs, which you can see above. Whether these continue in Switzerland, or if new models will be introduced (d), isn’t at the time of writing.

Swatch’s Swatchpay technology isn’t the only one of its kind, although the direct tokenization without the need to top-up does make it stand out. Barclays bPay technology provides mobile payments in non-smartwatches (along with other devices including key fobs and wristbands) made by Timex, Mondaine, and Kronaby among others. Although some may prefer this slight disconnect from their bank account.

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For now, Swatchpay is only being announced for Switzerland, but we’re hopeful other regions will follow in the future, especially with Mastercard’s assistance. Additionally, the Swatch Group owns many other watch companies and although the high-end luxury names may not feel Swatchpay technology fits in with their brand, others such as Calvin Klein, Tissot, and even kids watchmaker Flik Flak may be more tempted to introduce a rebranded version in the future.

We’ll update here with more information on the Swatchpay watches when we have it.

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