Scholarships for African Student 2020/2021 Application at Luiss University ENI

Here is the Application for Scholarships for African Student 2020/2021 Application at Luiss University ENI scholarships mainly for the eligible African countries.

Scholarships for African Student

Luiss University is a university located in Italy; the aforementioned school offers good academic qualifications to her candidates or students. So it is advised that anyone that wants to further his or her academic career should apply for this scholarship as long as you are from an African country.

It is a scholarship that is made for all African countries so as to be awarded free education throughout the stay in school. It is also made for both male folks and female folks since it can be offered or granted to anyone who made the requirement.

This scholarship is going to last from now till 4th of June 2020, so everyone that really wants to apply should endeavor to apply on time so as not to be disqualified.

Scholarships for African Student 2020/2021 Application

The scholarship is made for both undergraduate and for masters, so if you are a new student you are free to apply and also average student going for masters, you are also eligible to apply as far you are from the eligible countries mentioned.

These scholarship is made for some African countries, so if you are among the countries which am gonna mention below then you are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

Below are the countries eligible for the scholarship application: Nigeria, Angola, Congo, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Mozambico and those selected for the scholarship will be taken to Italy for the scholarship programme.

Eligibility for Luiss University ENI Scholarships

This Scholarship is available for students admitted to Luiss Bachelor’s or Masters Program totally taught in English for the Academic Year 2020-2021.

Value and Duration of Award: Scholarships cover travel expenses, tuition fees, board and lodging for one academic year and can be renewed for the following years on the basis of academic performance.

Method or processes of Application

Any candidate or student that wants to apply for Luiss University ENI Scholarships should just visit the university scholarship portal or click here


This scholarship is going to go a long way in helping African students from the selected countries start and also further their academic career, in a better way so as to make academic excellence in their courses of study.

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