Nigerian International Passport Online Application secure Guide

There are two types of Nigerian International Passport Online according to the Nigerian Immigration Service portal and they are the official e-passport and the standard e-passport, although there are other types of passports in Nigeria which varies from non-citizens, children to adults, and so on.

Nigerian International Passport Online

The Best Guide Nigerian International Passport Online Application

This article will inform you on the how to apply for a Nigerian passport online and the documents required for an interview.

Note that, the old Nigerian passport is no longer in use and cannot be renewed, so it is advisable to get the new Nigerian passport.

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Proper Application for Nigerian International Passport Online

What more you need to know from this page;

Documents required for a Standard E-passport Interview

  1. A letter of identification from your Local Government.

  2. Birth certificate or declaration of age.

  3. Two copies of a recent passport photograph.

  4. A Guarantor’s form sworn before a Judge or Magistrate.

  5. Marriage certificate if any.

  6. A letter of consent from parents for children under the age of 16.

  7. A police report in case of lost passport.

Documents required for an Official E-passport Interview

  1. A letter of identification from the Federal Government Ministry or State Government.

  2. Marriage certificate if any.

  3. Letter of previous promotion or appointment.

  4. A police report in case of lost passport.

How to Apply for a Nigerian International Passport Online

  1. Visit the Nigerian Immigration Portal which is also the official website for application of Nigerian e-passport.

  2. Select the type of e-passport you want and then click on “Start Application”.

  3. Fill the application form with the appropriate requirements.

  4. Click on the “I accept full responsibility for the information provided in this form” box.

  5. Click on the “print button” to print the completed form and then click on “submit button”.

  6. Make payments  either by using a Visa ATM card following these procedures:

  1. Click on “Proceed to Online Payment”,

  2. Select either the “Pay in Naira” or “Pay in Dollars” option then click on “Continue”. If your payment is successful, you will be given a Validation Number which confirms your payment.

  1. Attend the interview with all the necessary documents and printouts.

Nigerians Free Visa Countries

Here’s what you need Nigerians Free Visa Countries top and secure list;

Besides the money being paid, millions of Nigerians have a hard time at embassies securing visas to enter many countries across the world. But some countries do not require visas to enter. Some will grant you visa upon arrival for a token.

Nigerians Free Visa Countries overview

Here is a list of Visa-Free countries for Nigerians:

Bangladesh (Visa on arrival)

Barbados (Visa free for 6 months)

Cameroon (Visa free)

Benin Republic (Visa free)

Burkina Faso (Visa free)

Chad (Visa free)

Burundi (Visa on arrival for 30 days)

Cape Verde (Visa on arrival)

Comoros Island (Visa on arrival)

Djibouti (Visa on arrival)

Dominican (Visa free for 21 days)

Fiji Island (Visa free for four months)

Gambia (Visa free for 90 days)

Georgia (Visa on arrival)

Cote d’Ivoire (Visa free)

Ghana (Visa free)

Guinea (Visa free)

Haiti (Visa free for 90 days)

Iran (Visa on arrival)

Kenya (Visa on arrival for 90 days)

Liberia (Visa free)

Madagascar (Visa on arrival for 90 days)

Maldives (Visa on arrival for 30 days)

Guinea Bissau (Visa free for 90 days)

Mali (Visa free)

Mauritania (Visa on arrival)

Niger Republic (Visa free)

Mauritius (Visa free for 90 days)

Micronesia (Visa free for 30 days)

Nauru (Visa on arrival)

Mozambique (Visa on arrival for 30 days)

Samoa (Visa on arrival for 60 days )

Senegal ( Visa free )

Palau (Visa on arrival for 30 days )

Seychelles (Visa on arrival for 30 days)

Somalia (Visa on arrival)

Tanzania (Visa on arrival)

Timor-Leste (Visa on arrival for 30 days)

Sri Lanka (Electronic travel authorization)

Togo (Visa free)

Tuvalu (Visa on arrival for 30 days)

Uganda (Visa on arrival)

Sierra Leone (Visa free)

Vanuatu (Visa free for 30 days)

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