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How to Upload Your YouTube Videos Online – For you to upload YouTube videos, you are required to have a google account(Gmail).

Upload Your YouTube Videos

in order, wards to upload YouTube videos using devices such as Android smartphones. you are needed to have YouTube application installed on your phones devices for you to access.

How to Upload Your YouTube Videos Online

for instances, if you have already downloaded and installed youtube application on phone you still need to follow up requisite steps or precedence to uploading videos

moreover, you have to follow a specified format that will be accepted by the YouTube platform in line with the rules and regulations guiding YouTube.

What you need to do;

Before you upload the video to YouTube, make any edits that you would like if there is, and then make sure that it is converted into a proper format. There are a wide variety of programs and websites that can convert video for explicitly  free .

YouTube accepts the following formats:

AVI (Audio Video Interleaved)
3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project)
MOV (QuickTime Movie)
MP4 (Motion Picture Experts Group Part 14)
MPEG or .MPG (Motion Picture Experts Group)
FLV (Adobe Flash)
M4V (h.264)
WMV (Windows Media Video)

How to Upload Your YouTube Videos Online

1 Open your video. Use your device’s Video Player to open the video that you want to upload. …
2 Press the Share button.
3 Select YouTube from the Share menu.
4 Give it a title.
5 Describe the video.
6 Tag the video.
7 Select your privacy settings.
8 Click the Upload or Publish button.

In Summary

i want say that youtube videos platform is one of the best way to share out your ideas almost free from charge , and it is a user friendly platform.

Therefore you are advised to develop the idea of showing the whole world your ideas, even your handwork which is another method of Blogging for Cash.

it is, however, a marketing strategy for the literate ones the advice is that you are not to miss out.

How ease will we help you is is to create a YouTube Account⇔.

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