How to Create WordPress Blog Account – to .org in Minutes

We made it right for you to get this interesting topic on How to Create WordPress Blog Account in Minutes  as fast as Possible – There are thousands of reliable WordPress hosting service company out there but our major interest here is to guide you on the steps to create an account(s) with the
best WordPress hosting service.

Create WordPress Blog Account

How to Create WordPress Blog Account in Minutes

Expressing yourself online for people who you don’t really know and wish to build a community of pen friends to get some issue’s solution is a very awesome experience.

Who are you? … the Writer or the reader either don’t matter shall because both have almost equal % of right to express their feeling for analysis and review themselves.

As a Blogger which hosting do you know? 

Here is a list of powerful hosting Company to get a profitable account from just us;

  • Bluehost: Best Reliability ($2.75/mo)
  • HostGator Cloud: Best Cloud Hosting ($2.99/mo)
  • SiteGround: Best WordPress Host ($3.95/mo)
  • A2 Hosting: Fastest Shared Hosting ($3.92/mo)
  • iPage: Cheap Option ($1.99/mo) and More

This guide on this page article is for new beginners to learn how to install wordPress on Bluehost or Namecheap hosting service Control panel.

I want to recommend to you here the best cheap WordPress hosting because for many years and also for my sites I use it. What is the name of this hosting blog? am talking of Bluehost or Namecheap.

Meanwhile, Bluehost has made more name to Namecheap but I am currently using Both Hosting companies and have not seen any serious difference with their services so far.

Bluehost remains the best shall because they don’t oversell themselves. They’re simple, they’re innovating new stuff to make WordPress management easier, and they’re one of the best.

Reasons Why You Should Create WordPress Blog Account

Most of these Hosting company has more feature than the other with the same cost of hosting per Month or yearly. You should be more interesting here.

They offer unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited storage
Premium support and Everything else you could possibly need to run a successful WordPress blog.

How to install WordPress Software from CPL

The installation steps you need;

  1. Go to the CP of the hosting company database and tap login as secure
  2. make sure it’s https:// and the rest and enter the login details
  3. Tap login and your IP will be checked to a secure access
  4. on the home page, drag down and tap on the WordPress Software
  5. Enter either of the these, https://www or https://. Please, Google and other search engine have recommended https due to they workabilities. <Learn how the search engine works>
  6. Before now, you have to add the domain name to your account and then, you select the domain
  7. Enter the Blog name and description
  8. WPMS – you may or may not select WP Multiple sites if you wish to be running more than one site with the same WordPress Account.
  9. Select them to install <Top 10 WordPress Theme to increase traffic>
  10. Sorry, you have to enter account password before you can select your theme.
  11. Once the theme finishes installing. You are done;

Once the installation is complete, you can now login WordPress account as follow.

How to log in after How to Create WordPress Blog Account

you can do this in two ways;

  • Login from a secure web browser
  • Login WP from the WordPress Desktop or Mobile App

Either process are similar to the steps below;

  • From your browser type site name + /wp-admin
  • Login choice either to login directly to or using account username to login.
  • Enter account username and password
  • Tap login to access your dashboard

How to Create WordPress Blog Account is now complete but the below guide is the most important thing you need;

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Having shown you why you should go for Bluehost or Namecheap server we shall below here guide you on the step by step on how to install WordPress Blog Account⇔.

More List of Hosting company statistic

from the Google Analysis sheet; ‘ How to Create WordPress Blog Account ‘

# Host
Average Uptime
Average Load Time
Price Support
1 BlueHost 99.99% 419ms $2.75 5/5
HostGator Cloud
99.96% 462ms $2.99 5/5
3 SiteGround 99.99% 722ms $3.95 5/5
4 A2 Hosting 99.90% 413ms $3.92 4/5
5 iPage 99.98% 868ms $1.99 4/5
6 GoDaddy 99.96% 395ms $2.49 3/5
7 MDDHosting 99.94% 403ms $3.50 4/5
InMotion Hosting
99.91% 751ms $6.39 5/5
9 Hostinger 99.80% 438ms $2.15 4/5
10 FastComet 99.98% 1082ms $2.95 5/5
99.95% 577ms $4.95 5/5
12 ASmallOrange 99.98% 757ms $4.16 4/5
13 Site5 Hosting 99.97% 743ms $6.95 4/5
14 GreenGeeks 99.92% 569ms $3.95 5/5
99.96% 726ms $4.99 3/5
16 LunarPages 99.95% 759ms $9.95 2/5
99.97% 991ms $2.75 4/5
18 HostRocket 99.97% 1059ms $5.99 5/5
19 JustHost 99.98% 1226ms $3.49 2/5
20 HostPapa 99.97% 1181ms $3.95 4/5
21 DreamHost 99.90% 849ms $7.95 5/5
22 99.33% 676ms $2.45 4/5
23 HostMonster 99.94% 1036ms $4.95 3/5
24 Hosting24 99.95% 1074ms $2.15 4/5
25 MidPhase 99.97% 1167ms $3.48 4/5
26 HostNine 99.66% 785ms $8.29 3/5
27 WestHost 99.83% 922ms $4.00 2/5
28 FatCow 99.93% 1347ms $4.00 4/5
29 IxWebHosting 98.67% 913ms $3.95 2/5
30 NameCheap 99.87% 1124ms $2.88 2/5
31 HostMetro 99.51% 1931ms $2.95 3/5
32 Arvixe 99.60% 5702ms $7.00 2/5
93.96% 1568ms $1.99 3/5

Check out now which of you will like to make use of today.

how helpful is this post to you?  and to share with friends who wish to Blog for Cash.

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