GTbank online and offline mobile banking code – Transfer money – buy airtime…full tutorial

This article on GTbank offline mobile banking code- GTbank online mobile banking code: full tutorial will give you steps on, online mobile transfer from first bank to first bank or to other banks all around the world, payment of all your bills with no stress, airtime purchase/recharge either to your own line or to your preferred line depending on the network you wish to transfer the credit to, also provide you with guaranty truest bank online mobile banking application which is compatible with all smart mobile devices… that is not all.

GTbank online

The best part of GTbank online mobile banking code

GTbank offline mobile banking code – GTbank online mobile banking code :This is one of the easiest ways to make bank transactions if you are banking with the first bank you have the chance to make your daily transaction from any kind of mobile phone you are using weather the mobile phone can connect to the internet or not, this will also give the access to buy airtime very easy from your bank account for any network you wish to recharge your sim card depending on the sim network be it GLO, MTN, AIRTEL, ETISALAT, ETC…

 Below are the various swift transactions you can make using mobile banking


  1. how to transfer/recharge airtime from your bank account to your own sim card- *737*Amount#
  2.  transfer/recharge airtime from your bank account to another person’s sim card – *737*Amount*phone number#
  3. how to buy data to your sim card or another -*737*3#
  4.  transfer found/money from GTBank to a GTBank-*737*1*Amount*bank number#
  5. how to transfer found/money from GTBank to other Banks- *737*2*Amount*bank number#
  6. check your bank account balance -*737*6#
  7. create the new pin or change pin
  8. cardless withdraw
  9. open account -*737*0#
  10. cheque status
  11. salary advance –
  12. loan balance -*737*6#
  13. generate token -*737*7#
  14. cash deposit
  15.  All internet banking details -*737#

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GTbank offline mobile banking code

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GTbank online mobile banking code

how to buy airtime using GTbank online mobile banking code?

  1. you have to dial the official GTbank offline mobile banking code *737# in any king of PHONE you have or you are using.
  2. a platform will appear with list of options just like above list, i you wish to buy the airtime for yourself then select option 1 and press OK or SEND key on your phone. But if it is for another person kindly select option 2.
  3. you will be asked to enter the AMOUNT you wish to recharge/purchase.
  4. if to another sim card you will be asked to enter the third party mobile number but if it is for your own sim it will recharge directly.

finally, you will be ask to enter the last 4 digit on your ATM Card, SMS Message for your transaction will be sent to you, that is all.

how to transfer found using GTbank offline mobile banking code

  1. Dial the official code given above
  2. select from option “4” if you want to transfer from your GTbank to GTbank or select option “5” if you want to transfer from GTBank to other Banks
  3. you will be asked to enter the “AMOUNT” you wish to transfer.
  4. you have to enter the bank account number or the username of the beneficiary.
  5. if you have entered the correct account number then the beneficiary full name will be displayed for your confirmation.

finally click your “OK” or “SEND” key depending on the phone you are making use off, SMS Message for your transaction will be sent to you.

  1. as you dial the official GTbank offline mobile banking code given above
  2. select option 3 and press ENTER or OK key

buy data for

  1. yourself
  2. 3rd party

Either of them you choose, then enter the mobile number and amount of data bundle you wish to buy…

To check your account balance just dial *737*6#

For your smart mobile Device GTBank online mobile banking application free download below

GTWorld Have it all and you can still search ‘GTWorld’ from Google play store for Android device and iTunes for Apple device all is free for download and installation.

GTBank – BlackBerry App World free download

free GTBank – Android Apps google play free download

free GTBank on the App Store – iTunes – Apple-iPad-iPhone

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