Drop Shipping in the UK–The Definitive Guide (What Dropshippers Needs)

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  • I:  Why Start A Dropshipping Business In The UK? (Drop Shipping Opportunities in the UK)
  • II:  What Makes Drop Shipping Profitable And Successful?
  • III:  List of Dropshippers&Suppliers in the UK
  • IV:  You can Start Your Business with Chinabrands
  • V:  Conclusion

Before talking about drop shipping in the UK, Let’s first have a look at the basics of online business there.

Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping in the UK

In the UK, online business is worth about $150 billion being among the best online markets in the world. Fifteen percent of the eCommerce market UK represents the drop-shipping market.

The potential of this market growth is high and has a chance of becoming better in the coming years. This makes starting the drop shipping business an opportunity for anyone in the UK.

However, what is drop shipping?

Drop shipping refers to the selling of products without paying for them before customers order for them. In this case, the seller does not need to have any goods in their stores. You only order a product to sell when the customer and help in having it delivered to the customer have ordered for it.

This is a business that most refer to as a low-risk business and hugely depends on affiliate marketing to make the best out of it. Not having the product in a store first makes you an intermediary or a link between the supplier and the buyer.

Drop shipping kills what we call the economies of scale.

Why am I saying so, here you purchase a single item and sell it at a given price? You as the drop shipper does not control the stock; you also do not buy bulk, which gives you a lesser advantage to play with and compete in the pricing of the product the way you would want to.

Getting the best out of drop shipping requires keenly selecting the right market sectors or niches. After becoming known to your customers you can venture into more niches to diversify markets and make profits better. This means you can venture into this business opportunity in the market.

Why Start A Dropshipping Business In The UK? (Drop Shipping Opportunities in the UK) – Drop Shipping in the UK

Drop shipping business is a good business opportunity buy should start a drop shipping business in the United Kingdom due to the high market demand the need for convenience. Why is it a good business to start in the UK?

1. Starting drop shipping is easy

Not a lot is required in starting this business. This is a business you start alone and handle it alone. You do not need a store or any inventory on good for sale. As the drop shipper, you just need a good internet connection, a laptop, and a phone, just from your home.

The next thing is to identify a given niche, find a good supplier of the products in best USA dropshippers , negotiate product price and terms, and list the product online.

Once the customer has ordered for the product, order for the product from your supplier, package and delivers it. Whatever margin that comes from you buying from the supplier and selling to the customer is your profit.

A good communication between you and the supplier is a good part of the success in drop shipping.

2. Cheap to start

Many businesses start with a product, the seller usually needs a location, bulk of the product, transport and maybe employees. This means the seller needs a lot of capital but for a drop shipping business, it is easy. The customer orders one product and you have negotiated price, the customer pays, you order from the supplier, package it and deliver it to the customer.

3. Allow for selling of multiple products

As a drop shipper, you are the master of retail. You just need to research the product you think you can sell better online. Get the right supplier with stock for the product and market the product online. The more you promote your product, the better sales you can make from more than one product. You can sell furniture today and tomorrow you might be selling electric lamps.

4. You can easily attain fast growth

In a case that you and the supplier have created a good relationship, you can be able to order for more products and making more sales to customers. Customers feeling you are a better seller can request for more of your services. This means you are doing bulk orders and supplies. The business can easily grow faster with such situations because you are more reliable to your customers.

NOTE: To avoid doing poorly in the drop shipping business, you need to have a good supplier that will not surprise you on deadlines, therefore, research supplier before into business with them.

Shipping can also be a problem for you and therefore as you negotiate prices be smart not to scare your customers. They do not need to know you are covering for any shipping costs but be able to price the products fairly to insulate the margins you benefit from the business transaction.

For this business to work out capitalize on demand by getting the right products to sell. A good niche will make sure you stay in business until stability. A good market research should help with the selection of lucrative niches.

What Makes Drop Shipping Profitable And Successful?

Being equipped with the basics of the drop shipping business, you need to know what makes this venture a success and capitalize on that to make huge profits. Below are a number of ways to succeed in drop shipping:

Explain to your customers why they need you

Your customers need to understand your value. Customers are interested in the product itself. Being able to appeal to this part of them should be able to earn you sales. Promise a good product from a good and trusted supplier.

You should be able to use the place, price, promotion and product facets of the marketing mix.

A good product, a good and reasonable product price, a good presentation of the product (product should be in the right presentation and packaging) and finally the customer should be able to get the product from you in the easiest and fastest way possible.

You have been good at selecting the product for your customer

Your product description online should match the product itself. You should not be selling a product to a customer when actually have not selected it yourself. Know the manufacturers; know the product at a personal level and do not focus on selling but being able to sell the right thing.

Try the markets out to make better sales

You might not get it right in the first days of this business but the best way to make sales is by trying the products. Try your vendors and see how you as the seller would do as a customer. You should be able to understand how your customers feel and what to do, do you need to change the product or the vendor to succeed.

You can start as a drop shipper managing some little stock. The more you will feel as a customer, the better you will be able to satisfy your customer.

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List of Dropshippers&Suppliers in the UK

Companies Categories of Products Location
Acess Jewelry&Fashion UK
Activ8 Phone Accessories UK
Alterego Lingerie UK
Xtrader Adult UK
Football Souvenirs Football&Sports Accessories UK
Smoke Purer Dropship e-Cigarette UK
Republic of Music Music UK
Puckator Gifts UK
Power Body Health UK
Geko Products Home Decor UK
Funny Gift Shop Gifts UK
Fashion Dropshippers Fashion UK
Dropship Clothes Clothing UK
Clothes 2 order Clothing UK
Blondifox Clothing UK
Bytomic Fitness UK
Artisan Furniture UK
Party Chap Party Accessories UK
1on1wholesale Adult UK

The list above are suppliers all from the UK, and if you want more niches, you can choose some big platform that has a warehouse in the UK, such as China brands.

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You can Start Your Business with China brands

Chinabrandsis a leading global drop shipping wholesaler from China. they have global reach servicing customers in more than over 200 countries. In the UK they have a warehouse (London and Birmingham) and 24-hours Delivery service. So you need not worry about the delay.

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