Create Google Account – Best way to create your google account

So here on this page, we are going to help you on how to create a google account, and also the best step on how to create it.

Create Google Account

But before this, we are going to know what is Google,  who create the google app, who is the real founder, which year was Google founded, who invented Google to the world, which year was google invented to the world. And also the importance of Google, types of Google and What services does Google offer.

What’s Google?

Google can simply be defined as the Continental, plainly-commerce organization that is mainly built for the company’s hugely popular search engine.

Google is a search engine that you can employ to find information such as websites, pictures or photos, maps or even just the answer to the crossword due to the reason that it has been driving you mad all morning, Google also uses a computer program called a ‘web crawler’ which billions of websites are available on the (www) which is the World Wide Web and examines its content to find ‘keywords’.

Who Create The Google App?

Sergey Brin is the person who creates the google app, together with Larry Page. Once you Create Google Account from your Mobile or PC device, you will get a free and secure Email service on the go. Meanwhile, we have steps you need to achieve your aim.

Requirements to Create Google Account

Once you are ready to create a new Google Account, you must be very Much ready with the following requirements on the go.

  1. Full name Business or Personal
  2. Location
  3. Age
  4. Mobile Number
  5. Alternative Email

Now, you have what it takes to get ready with the Gmail Account Registration and More of what you need is the steps to create Google Account which is below this page:

How to Create Google Account from Web browsers

Tap these steps to register your a new Gmail or Google Account on the go…

  1. Launch the Web Browser from your Mobile or PC device
  2. Visit page to Proceed
  3. Tap on Create New Account to Access the Registration page
  4. Enter your Full name
  5. Choose an email Username
  6. Enter a secure password and Confirm it
  7. Tap next to proceed
  8. Enter your Mobile Number
  9. Tap on verify to Recieve the Verification Code
  10. Enter the Verification Code
  11. Enter an alternative email address for security purposes
  12. Tap on Create to again the new Gmail Account.

In Summary

Google Account is a Single but multi-purpose ID which you can make use of to access all kind of Google products and services. Do you know what? … Since I CREATED a Google Account, I now have the full access to all my Android Device Accounts even for the following

  1. Online Dating registration
  2. Social Media registration
  3. Other email registration
  4. Google Go and Play Store
  5. Google Map and Translator
  6. Online Drive and Google Assistance
  7. Google New and Carrer list
  8. Google tech Update and Latest Event online streaming

More you can gain today: List of Google Products and services

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