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Do you Embed Videos or Maps from other Sources — Google Maps, Pinterest and others — You may see a Blocked Resource Warning in your Google Search Console Account under Google Index >> Blocked Resources page.

Blocked Resources Fixing

Google Search Console Displays a list of all Resources that Google Can’t Access Due to a Robots.Txt Restriction. and by all, we are Going to Talk about how to Fix Blocked Resource in Google Search Console. Let’s get on it;

Do I Have Blocked Resources?

This is the proper question every site or Blog Owner should constantly ask him or her self and here’s how to find out whether you have blocked resources in your Google Search Console page;

1. First, Launch a browser and Log into Google Webmaster tools with your Site or Blog Google Account
2. Select the Download in use to go ahead to the main fetch as Google interface
3. Click on Google Index and Select Blocked resources to View Resources page

I have some. How Do I Fix Them?

However, to fix these resource you need some steps which will be listed shortly. More So, you may not able to fix all of them because you can only fix the ones you host (Own) which you have to edit the Robots.txt file. Have you Re-verify the Robots.text? Now, you must decide if the remaining Blocked Resources are necessary for your site. If so, contact the domain owner and ask for their robots.text file adjustment to allow Google Access on your own end.

Do they agree? you can either find another method for this necessary function or Ignore the Warning in Google search Console.

How Do I know which Ones I can Change?

All thanks to Google, as you have the direct link to robots.text file to easily find which file is causing the warning. Here’s how to fix or edit Robots.text file

1. You will be logged to your Console account and Locate the Blocked resources like as the steps above explains
2. Select the Domain ‘Property’
3. Drill Down on each Resource in the list until you see a pop-up like this image below

Now you have all the information you need to decide if you can fix the issue.

URL: This is the page on your site displaying something that Google cannot access due to a robots.txt restriction.

Resource: This is what Google cannot access due to a robots.txt restriction.

robots.txt: This is the location of the robots.txt file causing the issue.

Is the robots.txt file on a site or domain you own? If yes, please edit your robots.txt file and in any case where you are not the owner of the property ‘Domain’ were the Files are pinto, please contact the domain or site owner and ask they change the file.

I changed the robots.txt file. Now what?

Use the robots.txt Tester to verify that Google sees the changes you made. If you use a cache plugin or server cache, it may take up to 24 hours for Google to update. Clearing your cache will speed up this process.

After the changes are visible in the robots.txt Tester, Google should remove the blocked-resources the next time Google scans your site for updates. If you don’t want to wait, you can use the Fetch as Googlebot tool to speed up the process.

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