Below is the list of the best car insurance in Virginia for 2020 and the cost to get Auto insurance in the area. It’s always a difficult task for one to find the best auto insurance companies in a small area like Virginia, most especially when you’re new to the place. Most times when you find, you may be cheapest because you don’t know what it costs to get an auto insurance there.



We understand these facts and as a result, VirginJist team has been to make out the best car insurance in Virginia. And what it can cost an individual to acquire it. We believe that this list will be of immense help to you if you’re looking for the best companies in Virginia.

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Nonetheless, you should note that the most affordable company will depend on personal factors such as your age, driving record and credit history, and others.

Best Car Insurance in Virginia for 2020

Company Total Premiums Underwritten Number of Complaints Complaint Index
Northern Neck Insurance Company $14,690,278 0.00
Virginia Farm Bureau 102,147,111 1 0.05
Farmers 35,791,022 3 0.42
Erie Insurance 160,015,448 15 0.46
Nationwide 396,846,371 40 0.50
Allstate 427,588,268 52 0.60
State Farm 809,251,036 109 0.67
Progressive 382,932,189 53 0.69
USAA 601,932,737 88 0.72
MetLife 19,909,956 3 0.75
GEICO 767,018,054 139 0.90
Travelers 56,441,120 12 1.05
Esurance 32,772,163 8 1.21
Liberty Mutual 137,708,820 36 1.29
Victoria Insurance 28,935,535 8 1.37
Donegal Insurance Group 20,839,888 6 1.43
Rockingham Group 14,397,820 5 1.72
Amica 16,293,778 6 1.82
Direct General 15,799,200 6 1.88
National General 71,543,771 32 2.21
Agency Insurance Company 25,044,490 15 2.97
Alfa 79,050,893 52 3.26
Hartford 22,494,068 21 4.62
Elephant Auto Insurance 37,567,019 45 5.93

Best Auto Insurance in Virginia

Insurer Annual Car Insurance Rates
USAA $1,157
USAA Casualty 1,161
USAA General Indemnity 1,600
Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Co 1,637
Travelers Home and Marine 1,649
GEICO Casualty 1,714
Mid Century Insurance Co. 1,826
State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance Co. 1,972
Erie Insurance Exchange 1,979
GEICO General 2,147
Government Employees Insurance Co. 2,147
State Farm Fire and Casualty 2,334
VA Farm Bureau Town & Country 2,365
VA Farm Bureau Mutual 2,596
Allstate Property and Casualty 2,919
GEICO Indemnity 2,953
Nationwide Property and Casualty Co. 3,036
Nationwide General Insurance Co. 3,103
Integon Casualty 3,348
Progressive Gulf Insurance Co. 3,516
Allstate Insurance Company 3,648
Progressive Advanced Insurance Co. 3,735
LM (Liberty Mutual) Insurance Corp. 5,246
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. 5,271
Progressive Direct Insurance Co. 5,363

These companies were chosen based on variety of factors which include the ones we mentioned above. Let’s finally see the cost of car insurance in Virginia before we leave this page.

Cost of Auto Insurance in Virginia

This doesn’t depend on a particular factor but is gotten from the compendium of many differing factors, which are mentioned below.

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Driving record
  • Education
  • Vehicle(s) covered
  • Whether your vehicle is financed, leased, or paid in full
  • ZIP code
  • Whether you own or rent your home
  • Miles driven each year and the purpose of those miles (work commute, pleasure, etc.)
  • How much coverage is desired
  • Your credit score

I hope this list helped?

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