How best is your system protection today? AVG Free Antivirus will give you all the best device protection you need. Once you download and install you AVG on your device then you follow these Two steps to activate your Product in blink of an eye. here’s what you should Do;


We all know that it is best we protect our device for the best of Performance and Data Security, For years which I have been using AVG Free Antivirus the only steps which I took to better my device and content protection was AVG Account Registration and Activation.

AVG Free Antivirus Account Registration and Activation

How best will this Help You?

It’s quite cool that a free AVG antivirus can be more active once you activate your product but During activation you will ‘Create your AVG MyAccount‘ for onto which you will manage your account properly.

However, Here is what I offer you free of charge. What could that be? …

Somitech is not affiliating with AVG. Meaning the information on this Page a well sincere in all form. Please here the Full gist about AVG protection for device and Files’Data’ inclusive.

It’s is true there are many other Antiviruses like Avast, Avira, kaspersky, comodo, Norton , etec. But to rate it all AGV still stand unbeaten.

What is Virus?

Am going to define virus in the best way you can understand. First, anything can be virus. Why anything? because Virus is just like a weed. Weed I mean in term of plants ‘A plan that is not accepted in a particular area’ while in term of Software ‘a Application which is not compatible with a particular device is a Virus to that system’.

Generally Speaking, Any software either system or Application software which make the system to function inappropriately is a Virus to the device and that is were AVG Free Antivirus which should be paid for a better performance of protection comes into full time play.

Steps on how to Activate your Product ‘AVG Antivirus’

AVG is both an online and offline virus protector Once you Download, Install, register and Active AVG Internet Security. Beside the comment above, the method which you need to activate your device remains the same. Here’s what you need to do;

Just follow these two simple steps; … https://www.avg.com/en-ww/retail

Enter your activation code:

On this Column you are meant to fill in your Unique code which you will find in the inbox sent to your when you made your Purchase if online but if offline the code will be in the delivery box.

Create your AVG MyAccount:

Meanwhile, you should note that this account is necessary for activating your PRO features!. here’s the form you need to fill as Follow;

Create password: 

Already have an AVG MyAccount? Log in here.

Once you have Clicked register and Activate above you License will be validated which will expire once the days/weeks/months/years of your license ends.

AVG remains the best as the Two company AVG and Avast is now one.

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